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The magnificent up-market village of St Francis Bay is a symphony of charming white-walled homes, thatch roofs and intricate tidal canals. Then there is the exclusive Otter's Landing with its sweeping custom-built Tuscan architecture, and alongside, Santereme sporting the crisp and clean lines of Mediterranean style homes. These varied architectural styles combine to make St Francis as unique as it is attractive.

Rediscover healthy outdoor living in excellent company. There are walks and trails, acres of fynbos and in early summer wild flowers carpet a large expanse with purples, yellows and whites. With its sheltered waters in the river and the bay, water sports are very popular in St Francis Bay.

The Kromme River, some days like a living mirror, sometimes resembling a strong sea, is navigable for 8 kilometers and is the favourite of many a fisherman and sailing enthusiast.

St Francis Bay is home to Bruce's Beauties, one of the worlds best known surf breaks, featured in the 60's cult film Endless Summer. Those fortunate to enough to stay in St Francis will testify to the extraordinary sunsets and equally invigorating sunrises. It is this harmony with nature that makes St Francis extra special.

St Francis Bay is truly a paradise for water-sport enthusiasts. Windsurfing, Kite surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, exploring the canals by canoe and diving are only a few of the activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Emphasis is on outdoor life, with the bracing sea air, sunshine and un-spoilt surroundings. Fishing in the deep sea, the river, the surf and the rocks are all exciting possibilities with bait being plentiful while the waters teem with many "good eating" and game fish.

Our town is packed full of monthly sporting events including, MTB challenges, Surf & paddle ski races, beach marathons and more. Contact us for more information on what's on this month.

It is a paradise for golfing enthusiasts providing both the St Francis Bay Golf Course as well as the newly built Links Golf Course. One can take a leisurely horseback ride along the pristine white beaches of the bay, or through the hills colorfully clothed in rare Cape coastal fynbos. There are active bowls, squash and tennis clubs, you'll never run out of opportunities to enjoy St Francis.

St Francis also plays host to some of the most memorable wedding locations. Feel free to contact me should you wish to obtain more information. It is also central to Addo elephant park and the Garden route adventures of Tsitsikamma, Plettenberg Bay & Knysna.

St Francis Bay
The Port Harbour at St Francis Bay
Surfing Bruce's Beauties at St Francis Bay
Aerial view of where Milkwood Country Cottage is in St Francis Bay Cruising the Canals in St Francis Bay
The Lighthouse in Cape St Francis
Golfing in St Francis Bay



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